The Gateway to Romantic Partnerships with EFT


The Gateway to Romantic Partnerships with EFT
EFT Practitioner Alina Frank on using tapping for true love

What is the difference between the eternally single and the happily coupled? It seems to come down to beliefs and the right energy to make true love happen and keep it around. EFT practitioner Alina Frank explained how the gates open to true love easily when one clears the internal barriers that block love. Using EFT, Frank's program Gateway to Romantic Partnership aids in the recalibration of one's belief system to open the gates to love. The following Q&A explains how.

What have you seen as an EFT practitioner who has worked with alot of people, as some very common negative patterns that prevent people from achieving romantic bliss?


The most common negative patterns that I see in my clients that have been stuck in the arena of romantic relationship are not being good enough, not feeling they deserve to be wildly happy, and the belief that there isn’t an ideal romantic partner out there for them. There are many other different sorts of blocks like the belief that you don’t live in the right geographic area or that no one will want you because you are too old, have kids from a previous relationship, etc.

What are the tools in this program that remove the internal barriers to a blissful love relationship?

The tools I use are EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and some advance coaching techniques that I have acquired or development in the decade I have been assisting my clients.

This program has 7 sessions, what are the components of each session?

The sessions are designed based on the individual needs of the client depending on their personal history. It’s the journey from those limiting beliefs to feeling fully empowered to make the right choices and be discerning in every part of their lives.

How does a personal vision board work in this program to optimize effectiveness for the person?

The personal video vision board is something that I played around with when I was looking for my perfect partner. This is a fun story. I had worked on my vision board and created a very rich video with powerful images used specifically to raise my vibration around relationship. One of my beliefs was that no one would want to be with me because I had kids. By applying the exercises I give to my clients I was able to completely collapse that belief within a few short weeks. The new belief rang loud and clear, “this man loves children but for a variety of reasons and his life circumstances he was never able to have kids of his own” I felt that not only did this person need to accept my kids but needed to absolutely love them as another parent. Weeks went by and I used my vision board daily feeling the magic behind the images and words.