Tapping Into Love with EFT Practitioner Alina Frank


Tapping Into Love with EFT Practitioner Alina Frank
How to reboot your love life with EFT to break bad love patterns

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has been getting alot of press lately. EFT has been applied to various areas of life where people are struggling out of bad love habits. EFT practitioner Alina Frank has created a Reboot program based on the principles of tapping to break a person out of their bad love patterns.

How is the Reboot System designed to break patterns that prevent someone from being in the love relationship they desire?


In the package you receive four EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping) combined with Matrix Reimprinting (an advance form of EFT) designed to uncover those patterns and resolve them at their core. The resolved emotional contributing patterns from the past and fears prevent one from sending a clear message on a vibrational level that one is ready, willing, and able to enter into a rich fulfilling soulmate/earthmate relationship. An example from my practice was a recent client who always entered into relationships where she was mostly ignored. Together we discovered that this pattern had been set up early in her life with a father who was emotionally unavailable. We spent most of those sessions focusing on that time period in order to really do a thorough job of pulling all the roots out of this issue. My client has now entered into what looks like a possible ideal relationship but she’s taking her time evaluating him through the process we discussed. Even if this isn’t “the one” the pattern has been broken and she will draw to herself the right partner. I have seen this happen hundreds of times with clients over the years.

Can you walk me through the four sessions and how they break a pattern permanently for a person?

The first session is always about establishing rapport, teaching my client the basics of EFT so they can do their homework properly, and also focusing on what is happening in the present i.e. are they in a relationship, how long it’s been, are they dating, etc. During the first session I start to look for the different patterns that are common in men seeking partners or women seeking partners. 99% of singles fall into a list I have of different dysfunctional vibrational patterns and once we’ve identified the dominant ones we can start to break them. The second and third sessions are focused on releasing beliefs and negative impacts of events that have caused the pattern to have started in the first place. The final session is focusing on the template for moving forward and we also release fears about entering into a new relationship.

How does EFT work exactly?

EFT is a unique process that began almost 20 years ago by a man named Gary Craig in California. Gary combined elements of traditional Chinese medicine with neuro-linguistic programing (NLP). There are lots of theories about the science backing EFT and my husband, Dr. Craig Weiner, actually did a series of videos explaining all of them on our www.efttappingtraining.com site. A short answer is that negative emotions are nothing more than a disruption in the meridian energy system.

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