When To End It, When To Stay?


When To End It, When To Stay?
How EFT practitioner Alina Frank devised a program to find the answer for you

The only examples I have of pairings that came together with great intensity and excitement which led to break up later (when we get to work with them) are those that were really in lust not in love the way we define it- all the more reason to be very very selective up front before a chemical bond happens (having sex). When this happens it's usually karma that's at work. Here's a scenario: you meet someone in a book store and he's reading your favorite novel. He's very cute and within minutes you realize you have a lot in common. There are many coincidences and you after a few dates you think that he might be the one. At this point if you don't do further detective work and sleep with him you are screwed! (Pun intended). That pull and draw could mean that you need to work out some karmic debt. I see this all the time with clients that come to me wondering what went wrong after they were left. All the drama could have been worked out by having this person as a friend and the investigative work could have shown you up front that this relationship was meant to be platonic.  (For the record, I (Jackie) personally do not believe that men and women can and should be friends as it ruins polarity unless the relationship is a sibling type of bond from the very start)

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