Looking For Love? Here Are 6 Signs Your Expectations Are Too High


Is your list of dealbreakers superficial?

Everyone has an idea of what they'd like their ideal partner to be. It's good to know what you like and don't like, but how do you know when you're getting wrapped up in unrealistic expectations? No one wants to settle for less.

Our friends at The Stir came up with a great list of warning signs you're looking for Mr. Perfect.

From assessing your list of dealbreakers (It's time to take off  have "must have blue eyes" on there) to wanting to be with someone who is the opposite sex version of you (come on, do you really want to date yourself?), here are some tips for navigating the crazy world of dating.

See the full list at The Stir: 6 Signs Your Expectations Are Way Too High in Relationships

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