Celebrity Couples With Similar Wardrobes


Celebrity Couples With Similar Wardrobes
A list of celebrity couples who dress similarly

By Kristin Mattern for CupidsPulse.com

Talk about seeing double! Celebrity couples take coordination to the next level by donning matching outfits that could beat out the Bobbsey Twins. These starlet couples don’t just love each other, they love their well-matched wardrobes as well! Stars are expected to have harmonious attire when they’re strutting down the red carpet, not only does this emphasize their relationship status, but it also makes for stunning photographs. However, celebs don’t just try to compliment each other’s looks just for events, they also end up in look-a-like ensembles on their off days when they’re going out for a walk, or just hanging out.


Why do celebrity, and everyday, couples like to rock the “twins” look? In an article for YouBeauty, Psychology Advisor and Professor of Psychology Art Markman, Ph.D., explains that when people spend a lot of time together, they start to think similarly. For example, couples often finish each other’s sentences. “This also happens with appearance,” Dr. Markman notes, “Couples mimic each other’s taste and will also influence each other directly. That is, if you know your partner likes a particular style or color, you will start to wear that more often. If your partner likes that style or color, then he’ll wear that as well.” Check out these celebrity couples with their copycat clothes:

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1. Prince William and Kate Middleton: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge keep it classy and sophisticated when they match their outfits. A Yahoo Shine article shows the two sporting similar white ten-gallon cowboy hats for a rodeo in 2011.

2. David and Victoria Beckham: US Weekly shows this posh pair posing in expertly matched attire, with David’s tailored pant suits color coordinating with Victoria’s beautiful dresses. This power couple always looks their best, but they are especially stunning in their similar ensembles.

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