Actual Signs That Your Partner Wants To Marry You


Actual Signs That Your Partner Wants To Marry You

Cosmopolitan Magazine loves nothing more than getting your poor, marriage-crazed panties in a wad by saying that things like your boyfriend “guarding his phone” are surefire signs that he’s about to propose. Well, sorry, but that’s probably not the case.

Take a moment to recover from that brutal truth. Ok. Now, the good news: There are a few actual signs that your partner wants to get married, or is about to propose. Here they are:

You are gifted an engagement ring.

A giant screen at a game you are attending flashes your name, followed by a marriage proposal from your partner.

You go together to city hall and get a marriage license -- or just go ahead and get married.

Your partner gets down on one (or both) knees and asks you to get married.

And, perhaps the best sign that your partner wants to marry you: The two of you sit down and have a grown-up conversation during which you both agree that the time has come to commit the rest of your lives to one another.

Romance never dies.


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