A Brief Interview with author, Rita Pam Tarachi.

If you're going to be in a committed relationship then it takes exactly that to make it work - Commitment!! A good relationship or marriage is worth the hard work. Many people buy into the notion that after marriage, all the hard work ends but that's far from the truth. For anything to last really, it takes constant hardwork. If you put your family before work and commit to giving them an important place in your life, then you'd yield good results.

ME: Excellent. What hope is there for the single man or woman who constantly keeps seeking a partner but just gets disappointed time and time again?


RITA PAM: I'd say, chase GOD as your first love, instead. Chase Him and seek Him everyday and He will make you the right person for your future spouse. It's about turning the focus on yourself. Instead of seeking the right person, commit to being the right person by getting closer to GOD. I know many have lost hope. Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to stop being part of the problem. There may be pressure to date or get married but there's more to life than just dating or getting married. Marriage is about two individuals who come together to become one, which means you do have a life. There are many things that make a person who they are. Rather than wallow in pity at one aspect of your life, commit to developing yourself in other areas of your life and in due time, you'd end up happy. That's my take on it.

ME: Sometimes, it's very hard to stay positive.

RITA PAM: I know. But this comes when we try to take on GOD's role in our lives. Why worry when worry solves nothing? A relationship doesn't define an entire individual. There are many beautiful areas of a person's life. While waiting, commit to developing yourself and spending time with GOD. That way, you're preparing to be the right man or woman for your future spouse.

ME: Thank you for your time today, i've been inspired by your words

RITA PAM: Thank you too!!

Well, that's about it. I hope these words have encouraged you. You can get Rita Pam's new book at the following Links: iTunes