The Acoustic Vs. Electric Love Connection


The Acoustic Vs. Electric Love Connection
Love mentor Tamara Green explains the difference.

Upon further introspection I do believe that acoustic connections are the reason why we meet someone and just know they are meant to be a lifelong friend. Soul connections are not based on time. For example, I feel like I have known some people much longer than the time we really have been connected. The reason is the acoustic resonance that had us sensing one another was out there all along until we physically met.

Electrical connections are like thunderbolts because in my opinion you weren’t sensing one another before the moment you met. So when you do, you’re electrocuted, and frantically have to be together. Whenever someone says that they saw the person and from that moment they were taken, it’s an example of an electrical connection at play. It’s more instant, like a firecracker, and feels like dynamite for better or worse.


Many people, including Captain America, had Cupid’s Arrow aka electrical connection zapping them when they met their spouses or now ex-spouses. I tell them they are lucky even if they didn’t stay together because some people never get struck by Cupid. For me, never knowing that kind of life altering magic moment, is much sadder than losing a “once in a lifetime” love. When I was younger I wished that love would happen for me the electrical “Magneto” way where a man would see me, and just have to have me. Now, I’m not so sure.

All I know is that my true love real deal connection is going to be acoustic and Anni Powers is going to match me with him.

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