The Acoustic Vs. Electric Love Connection


The Acoustic Vs. Electric Love Connection
Love mentor Tamara Green explains the difference.

Before I could answer Tamara said that the other kind of attraction is acoustic. She explained that this was a kind of wavy energy, with ebbs and flows, like the ocean. Acoustic connection feels deep, like strong currents of electromagnetic frequency, but ultimately very peaceful. In contrast the electrical connection is intense, like lighting, has a shock effect to the system, and is characterized by intense excitement and almost a trance like possession where perception is altered. Tamara also said that more divorces seem to happen between those with electric connections because of the burn out rate of that kind of “love voltage”.

So my answer was simple. The vibe I felt for Captain America felt acoustic. The peaceful element that I felt made me so comfortable that (A) the first time he asked what I did after High School I admitted that I dropped out of my first college after sophomore year to work in PR, (B) that I have to take Adderall so I can pay attention to him when the last pill’s effects began wearing off, and (C) how I’m prone to being mistrustful of 99.9% of humanity most of the time. I have never admitted that so quickly to a man I was actually attracted to. So why did I? Energetically speaking, he felt as comfortable to be around as one of my closest female friends for over 15 years. Her name is Alison and oddly enough she used to be a probation officer.


Speaking of my more common state of mistrust, over the last decade, I’ve become somewhat of an amateur profiler. When I meet someone new it’s instant friend or foe assessment. People tell me that this kind of fear is preventing love but then again, there is a reason folks like Alison are perfect pals for me. They get why it’s really not paranoia but just a realistic assessment of some members of the human race.

Getting back to my comment about why there may have been more than one reason why my soul was compelled to walk a clean line my whole adult life, it was acoustic. Perhaps on some level I sensed that my past would never be far from evaluation. On the surface, it had to so with knowing I’d one day move to another country. People have been denied tourist visas into Canada because of a DUI conviction in the U.S. when they were 22, even if it happened over 20 years ago.

My father always told me to live my life drama free. His dad was a cop and before that had been a POW of the Japanese in WWII. I know for a fact that my father’s parenting style mimicked his dad. My point is, I grew up very aware that choices in youth can have a permanent consequence. Guilt and innocence sometimes really does come down to association.

So there was a second important reason why I made my mind up to walk that clean line at age 21 regarding every choice I made from that moment on. At 21 I discovered that my parents and siblings were moving to California but I could not join them yet. I had to wait. In that waiting time I made that choice and had the conviction to carry it through from then on. Maybe, just maybe, it had to do with fate. On a super conscious or soul level it had to do with an inner knowing that one day I would meet someone like him. Beyond just the psychic predictions something within me urged my soul to live that way and it was easy to.

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