7 Totally Normal Signs You Need Couples Counseling


Couples Therapy
Fixing a relationship with therapy doesn't necessarily mean it's broken, it's just maintenance!

6) Your partner asks for couples counseling.

We're not offended when someone suggests seeking professional help for a sprained ankle or toothache. Therapy shouldn't be stigmatized either. If your partner suggests counseling, he or she is not trying to say your relationship has hit rock-bottom. Instead, your partner's communicating a desire to repair what you have and to make it stronger.


7) You're committed to your relationship.

A relationship is a living thing. If you don't nurture it over time, it's going to die. Couples therapy is a commitment to a better relationship. It takes time, effort, and money ... and it's absolutely worth it. "One of the tools for a lasting relationship is to learn and grow within it," Silver says. "You want support even when things aren't broken. You want to learn to love the other person better."

Now there's a more affordable way for you and your partner to start rebuilding intimacy at home. Passion & Pleasure is an 8-week online program designed to "help couples keep the passion alive." The program includes video presentations, a "members-only forum," and live Q&A calls with world-renowned relationship experts and sexologists, including Dr. Gabrielle Morrissey and Dr. Ava Cadell. And, just like in real school, there's homework in the form of "actionable playsheets." Don't worry: It's fun!

"Our main goal is to entertain, educate, and inspire couples by providing them with relevant content and tools," says co-founder Malcolm Day, owner of adultshop.com and managing director of Calvista, Australia’s largest sex toy distributor. Couples can sign up for a one-week free trial. At the end of the trial, they can pay $347, or three payments of $127, to continue for the remaining 7 weeks, with a 14-day money back guarantee. Consider it an investment in your partner and the love you share.

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