Becoming A Blissful Scientist on the Journey to True Love


Becoming A Blissful Scientist on the Journey to True Love
How being a love advocate led me to love mentor Tamara Green

Finding my bliss was a nickname derived from the second group coaching call with Tamra Green, a licensed social worker, hypnotherapist, and love mentor trained by Dr. Diana Kirschner. We all got nicknames on our group call. Each person picked a moniker related to the state of love. Love cannot be defined but it can be described. One adjective is bliss.

Bliss is an emotional state of perfect happiness and contentment. In Heather Strang’s book Following Bliss the two characters are led to one another and into a mutual state of bliss. Tamara and Heather are some of the many people who have helped me see the gift in love disappointments from my past, including with other love coaches and their programs. That gift has lead me to focus on writing on relationships from a place of being a love advocate of sorts. After seeing many people harmed and not helped I decided to write about those mentors more likely to be helpful on the journey to love. So, when Tamara asked me to select a nickname, bliss was it.


Tamara is not your average love or dating coach. For one thing, she knows what she is doing. Not everyone does. They may all mean well but training varies. In fact, there is no set formula to become a love mentor. It comes down to a good match with you and your mentor. However, quality training in the mental health profession is a must in many people’s experiences. Tamara explains why in the following interview.

There are a lot of love and dating coaches out there in the marketplace. What is your approach and philosophical orientation when it comes to supporting people through their quest for a meaningful relationship?

My approach is both psychological and spiritual (through “feel”). Even though I am a highly trained professional, who understands the workings of the mind and ego, I do my best work with clients (either individually or in groups) when I use my gifts as a Seer and Energy Healer. Since childhood, I have had the ability to see and feel energy, which helps me to zero in to what’s really going on with someone and how they are blocking themselves from love. Once we find the source of the problem, I assist them in releasing it once and for all. I was once told by a client that I “released [her] Soul from prison.”

How does being trained as a Social Worker play into your coaching? Finding love can trigger someone in a way that could need a trained psychotherapist.

Love and dating can be huge triggers for most people. Many deep and primal fears get kicked up. Most of these fears stem from childhood, and the benefits of working with a highly trained professional, like me, is sometimes life-saving. Besides being a Love and Relationship Expert, I have had a Manhattan-based psychotherapy private practice for 24 years, did my post graduate training in Couples and Family therapy, am a certified hypnotherapist, a certified Awakening Coach, and also a highly trained Love Mentor®.

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