Which Celebrity Bashed Anthony Weiner Over Sexting Scandal?

Which Celebrity Bashed Anthony Weiner Over Sexting Scandal?

He really is making it too easy for everyone.

Carlos Danger now has his own theme song!

On July 30, this petite star was on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, singing a new version of her Broadway hit. This parody was in "honor" of Anthony Weiner, his creepy alter ego Carlos Danger, and Anthony's stand-by-your-man wife Huma Abedin.

Here's a short sample of the new lyrics, with the star offering advice to the would-be New York City mayor: "Popular, the right kind of popular. I'll teach you to zip your fly, you won't be that guy with the camera down his pants ... There'll be no more sexy texts with your biceps flexed ... You wanna be the mayor, stop acting like a big ole wh*re."

Who sang for the NYC mayor wannabe? Find out: Watch [SPOILER] Bash Anthony Weiner (VIDEO)

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