How I Hired My Matchmaker and Love Mentor


How I Hired My Matchmaker and Love Mentor
Anni Powers and Tamara Green don't treat love as a job but a passion

The first thing was to make the investment. First, I switched from and to paid sites like eharmony and Second, I got better photos and set up a professional photo shoot to have quality pictures taken for my online profile. Third, I had a professional online profile writer from ProfileWingman give me a digital makeover. Those three tactics overhauled my online dating experience because more intelligent and professional guys began to get into contact with me.

As for offline, with help from the book "Get the Guy" by Matthew Hussey and his April 2013 workshop in San Francisco, I made a point to meet more people. Increasing my social networks was important because meeting through friends is the second most common way to meet a significant other according to statistics. So I joined Meetup and kept my eye out on other social opportunities to put me in contact with a mixed crowd.


However, the biggest leap I took in June was in hiring Anni Powers, a California-based matchmaker to scout out potential significant others for me. Working with Anni is the most critical part of my external strategy. Never one to neglect the inner work of attracting a soulmate, I also took the deep dive of joining an ongoing love coaching series with Tamara Green. Tamara is a licensed clinical social worker and love mentor trained by Dr. Diana Kirschner. Both ladies are grounded, sensible, professionally skilled, and love is not their job, but rather a soul passion. Most of all, Anni and Tamara are both happily married. It was important for me to work with someone who had the very result I wanted.

A passion mean you do it not just for a paycheck. A passion is an expression of your soul purpose. A passion is kinetic and comes from the heart. It's the difference between a Mercedes-Benz and a Pontiac. The Pontiac takes you from A to B but the Mercedes takes you on a smooth ride that has you enjoy everything between A and B. A Mercedes was built to run. A Pontiac was manufactured to drive. The Mercedes symbolizes quality.

More marriages are happening from online dating as it becomes more acceptable. However, part of the reason we are relying on online too much is that the people have lost the art of connecting. Women aren't sending the right signals to draw a man's approach. We are hesitant to smile and give eye contact for too long out of fear of embarrassment. Men are scared to approach because nowadays everything can be an invitation for a sexual harassment suit. Feminism has confused both genders. That is where people like Anni and Tamara come in. They bridge the gap in real life. Sometimes that is all it takes to go from Fraulein to Frau finally.

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