Is Kristen Wiig's 'Girl Most Likely' Worth Your $14 Movie Ticket?

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7 Romance Clichés In Kristen Wiig's 'Girl Most Likely'
Two girls discuss the movie's cheesy romantic clichés.

Cliché #4: Estranged family members pick up the pieces.

A: When Imogene's best friend bails on her after the faux suicide, Imogene's mom Zelda (Annette Bening) drives into NYC to claim a daughter she hasn't seen in several years. She's hesitant to take her home for maybe 30 seconds, but the two quickly fall back into a rhythm. Honestly, I didn't see what was so bad about Zelda. Supposedly her mom was a gambler, but her behavior during the movie doesn't suggest that she was compulsive. It makes Imogene a much-less reliable narrator.  


N: Well she seemed like an egotist, so there is that, and telling Imogene the lie she told her (we won't spoil it for you) proved her to be beyond untrustworthy. But she also just wasn't a very well-defined character—a bit too much of a stereotype for me.

Cliché #5: But wait: There's one more family secret.

A: Don't worry. We're not spoiling this one. Let's just say it's implausible and would warrant a lot of expensive therapy in real life.

Cliché #6: A new man saves the day.

A: And surprise, Lee (Darren Criss) loves everything about Imogene—even all the stuff she was hiding about her past from her ex and fancy ex-friends. He's also cuter and younger than her ex-boyfriend. In fact, there's no way these two could possibly sustain a relationship after the credits roll.

N: Yeah, it seems ridiculously implausible that they would last—they are at such different stages in their lives, and the movie just sort of ignored that.

Cliché #7: And they all live happily ever after.

A: Imogene's reconnection with her kooky family in Jersey isn't just good for her love life. It also reignites her career. The only cliché we didn't see? A redemptive run-in with her ex-friends after Imogene comes out on top. But we'd bet a movie ticket a scene like that was originally written and then cut ...

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