From Online to In Love with Dr. Diana Kirschner


From Online to In Love with Dr. Diana Kirschner
Bestselling author of Love in 90 Days on how to be your own best digital Cupid

More and more it seems that people are meeting and even marrying those they met online. A few years ago it wasn't so socially acceptable to say that your were matched by How times have changed. However, technology can only be helpful to some extent, and as Dr. Diana Kirschner explains, you still have to know how to make it work for you.

Dr. Diana Kirschner was a frequent guest on The Today Show and starred in the PBS TV Special Finding Your Own True Love. She is the best-selling author of Love in 90 Days and—just out now on Kindle— Find Your Soulmate Online in Six Simple Steps. Dr. Diana has helped thousands all over the world use online dating in the most wonderful way—to find a passionate lasting Soulmate connection! Her free Dating Tips & Relationship Advice newsletter is available at


Now that it's summer wedding season, and the inevitable spike in online dating site sign-ups, what's the one thing that people serious about finding their "other half" online should do?

Don’t be lazy about your photo, especially if you are a woman! Make sure that your photo is warm and inviting, with a great smile and full eye contact with the camera. Ideally wear red—men find that more attractive. Add some casual second photos that show you doing what you love, in your element—skiing, hiking, dancing, doing yoga, etc. If you are a woman, make sure that you have a second photo that is a full-body shot that shows your figure to good advantage.

How does your new book help people successful navigate the digital dating sea?

It seems that there is a percentage of people who are dishonest online and very good at it. Actually many people lie online, but usually it is a matter of smaller lies. Research shows that it is in fact, a subculture of fibbing. Men overestimate their height and women say they weigh less than they really do, for example. There are some real liars, like people who are married and even scammers, but you can look out for those if you know what you are doing.

What can people do to avoid the pitfalls of online dating, like meeting dates who aren't really single or are looking for e-penpals?

  • Avoid a person who is only willing to meet or talk at odd hours and never on a weekend.
  • Avoid a person who talks on the phone in a whisper and has to go suddenly.
  • Avoid a person who is older and says they were never married.
  • Avoid a person who does not say they are looking for a relationship in their profile.

Does online dating make it easier or harder to find a match? Some articles speculate that the medium encourage cheating and dumping because of the ease of meeting someone new.

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