10 Stellar Relationship Hacks From Reddit


Useful advice from people you've never met. Ah, the internet.

My girlfriend always falls [asleep] watching tv on the computer. Usually, I hold the laptop while she lays on my chest. She always falls asleep first, leaving me with the tricky task of rolling her off of me without waking her up.

Following some stupid suggestion I read in a magazine, I squeeze her gently, give her an audible kiss on the head, and then roll her over. I repeated these exact steps every time she went to sleep, with success.


After a year, I decided it was time to put my hard work to the test. She fell asleep on my chest as usual, but this time all I did was give her a light kiss on the forehead. As if by magic, she immediately rolled over! Now, no matter what position she falls asleep in, I can make her roll over just by making a kissing sound.
- dacjames

From male perspective:
1. Have a stash of gifts ready at any moment.
2. When she tells you her problems, don't give her advice. Just listen.
3. Have a moment of gratitude with her everyday, and let her know something about her that you really appreciate.

Actually, better than just listening is asking questions. That way, you sound interested, she knows you're listening, and you can give advice by asking subtly leading questions that cause her to arrive personally to a good conclusion. I've recently begun to follow the 'ask questions instead of giving advice' philosophy and it has made interactions with my loved ones so much smoother.
- hitthehead

My husband and I don't fight very often, but when we do we decided we needed a sign to let the other person know that we still care and we're still there for them. So, we will hold hands and take turns squeezing the other's hand. It works very well for us. It lets us know that the arguing isn't about me vs. you, it's us vs. this issue. We know that both of us are working towards a goal where everyone is happy and that we still love one another.
- Lostfiniel

I listen to him when he talks, even if it's about something I find intolerably boring and ask follow up open-ended questions. This makes him happy and more likely to listen to the things I want to talk about, which he probably finds pretty boring as well.

I always meet him at the door with a beverage, a hug and kiss and a smile. This puts him in a good mood, so he doesn't stress and ruin my night when he's had a bad day. He listens to audiobooks on his phone while he's driving, so I can hear him coming up the stairs.

We go for walks together every day if possible. Gives us both some exercise and fresh air and some time to bond.

When I'm angry, I excuse myself and I go take a shower. It relaxes me and I think more rationally so that I can fight fair or apologize afterward. By the time I get out, one of us is usually sorry anyway.

Whenever he wants me to try something he enjoys, I give it a fair shot. He really likes it when I take interest in his hobbies, some simply do not catch on because of my short attention span and my own hobbies that take up a lot of my time, but if it makes him happy I will give it a try most of the time.
- ohsnipsnap

Whenever I put on my robe and wizard hat... she leaves me alone.
- Jintek

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