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Love Bytes: The Best Missed Connection EVER


this craigslist missed connection HAS to find her
Dear Weirdo. I'm into it. Get at me.
Plus, why a lady may turn to a gigolo.

Yeah, yeah. "I saw you on the L train yesterday at around 5PM, you smiled when we met eyes. I'm the guy with the leather delivery-style bag, you had sandy blonde (I want to call it dirty blonde LOL) hair and green eyes. You got off at 14th Street. Would LOVE to see you again." Listen your missed connections are weak and BS compared to this doozy. Please let it be true... (TresSugar)

Almost every relationship faces 12 crucial trials. Here's how to best them all. (It's a little like becoming the Lord Of The ThunderCats). (TheFrisky)

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Before you buy 9 vibrators, trying talking to him... What do you do when your boyfriend loses interest in sex? (ANewMode)

It can't be Richard Gere, can it? What WOULD lead a woman to visit a gigolo? (TheGloss)

Did you know a dog has a bone in his penis? That's just one of a mess of crazy phallus facts. (

Outside of an ironclad pre-nup, find out why and how a wife might forgive her guy for cheating. (Essence)

The question of all single questions: WHY DOESN'T HE LIKE ME? (ANewMode)

Why calling a guy "daddy" during sex is weird. Think that's weird, try having sex with your father… (College Candy)

Before masturbating at a business you own, remember where the security cameras are, boss. (Huffington Post)

Yeah, most of us know they feel better than getting kicked in the face but what else do you REALLY know about orgasms? (Em&Lo)

A wife has had NONE of it up to HERE with her husband's lack of initiating sex. Welcome to what it's like being 85% of men, bud. (TheStir)

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And these childhood sweethearts reunited after a scant 70 years. (Huffington Post)

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