13 Couples That Scare Us With Their Closeness


Can you tell them apart?

Meet the Featherstones, who have been dressing alike in custom made outfits for more than 30 years. Nancy Featherstone had this to say to the Guardian: “Someone once told me that if she and her husband came down wearing the same colour top, they'd change. What a shame to be so insecure. We both have very strong identities as individuals and wearing the same clothes doesn't affect this; clothes don't make your personality. Instead, dressing the same gives me a lovely feeling of closeness to Donald. I've never not felt like doing it; we've done it for so long now that it would feel unnatural not to.”



Now we don’t know if dressing alike is aww… or awful. I mean, not all matching couples are as adorable as the Featherstones. See for yourself.

What? Just…what?


Wow. What was the thinking here?


Why? That’s all I need to know.


Cutsey or creepy?


Okay, these two are actually kinda cute.


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