6 Crucial Dating Tips for Women


6 Crucial Dating Tips for Women
Transform your dating life immediately with these six crucial dating tips.

• Look great, feel great. If you need help with personal style or grooming, get it.  Darken the door of the salon.  Get some advice on how to dress and/or revamp your wardrobe.  Often, looking good will help you feel good.  If you’re feeling confident in your appearance, it’ll be easier to meet people.  Do self nurture in whatever way makes you happy.

• Start wearing lingerie more frequently. Not because you are going to be jumping into bed with every man you meet, unless that’s the dating life you want, but because it does something to your self esteem that makes you more noticeable when you walk into a room. It’s a little fashion tip that adds confidence in a heartbeat.  When you have pretty lacey things on underneath your sweat pants, you will immediately feel sexier. And when you feel sexy, you'll act sexy, and guys will notice.


• Don’t sweat the small stuff. Obsessing over the fact that your eyebrows didn’t get waxed evenly is going to take your focus away from a truly great date. At the same time, if you can’t get past the fact that the waiter spilled water on the table, you aren’t going to notice your date’s amazing conversation. If what happened isn’t going to matter in twenty minutes or in the grand scheme of things, spending more time on it than that is a huge waste of your time and is unattractive to men.

Guys are highly tuned in to how laid back you are, and will often go cold if they notice you react to daily challenges poorly.  They assume you’ll react poorly to missteps by them in the future as well.

Dating Tips for Women - The Bottom Line

The most enduring dating tip of all is to have confidence.  Anything that increases your confidence is to your benefit while out there dating.  Men report again and again that extremely confident women are consistently the ones they lust after, pursue and want to commit to for the long run. And a little lingerie has never hurt anyone ;-).


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