The One Thing That Could Make You the Best He’s Ever Had in Bed


The One Thing That Could Make You the Best He’s Ever Had in Bed

If you’re dating an older man, chance are that you’ve been asked more than once about your sex life—is it as good as it is with a younger man? Can he keep up?

If you’ve just started seeing your sugar daddy and things have progressed to the bedroom, it usually goes one of two ways: his experience will pay off, or it won’t quite match up. If sex with your older man just isn’t as good as you expected, it might be because there’s one important thing missing from your relationship—real, genuine feelings. A whopping 96% of respondents in a recent survey revealed that the best sex they’ve ever had was with someone that they felt emotionally connected with.

The survey revealed three basic factors for better sex: being physically attracted to your partner, emotional intimacy, and feeling loved. If your sex life with your older man isn’t as hot as you hoped it would be, don’t worry, because 90% of the respondents also said that they believed the sex could get better over time.
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