9 Dating Rules You Need To Break

9 Dating Rules You Need To Break

What rules do you throw out the window?

If over-anyalzing text messages and questioning his Facebook behavior wasn't confusing enough, knowing what the real dating "rules" are can be even more mind-boggling. Are there even rules? When can you break them? 

In It's Okay to Sleep With Him on the First Date, the authors debunk a lot of the traditional dating rules. But is it really that simple? Should we just forget what we've always been told and just go with it?

From "don't date outside your league" to "never talk about politics or religion on the first date," our friends at The Stir take a look at some of the old dating rules and talk to people who have broken them.

See the list at The Stir:  No Sex on the First Date & 8 Other Love Rules Made to Be Broken

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