The Four Biggest Myths About Men


The Four Biggest Myths About Men
Four popular but untrue myths about men

By Janeen Diamond for Hope After Divorce

“Some men are actually very afraid of roller coasters.”


We women think we have men all figured out. Many of us believe they only care about three things: sex, food and sports. But the reality is, they are human beings who experience human emotions, and the sooner we accept that fact, the sooner we will begin to experience true joy in our relationships.

Let’s consider Billy Ray Cyrus for a moment. After 19 years of marriage, his wife Tish has filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. Billy seems like a pretty good guy. I’m sure he has his issues, but then so does Tish. He and his wife have five kids, and he seems supportive of his family – that’s no small thing. It’s apparent that the two of them have difficulty getting along at times, but who doesn’t?

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My advice to Tish would be to step back for a moment, stop talking to your girlfriends about your marital problems and talk to Billy instead. Consider the good that exists in your relationship, and remember that no one can ever take his place as a father to your children. Think ahead to the grandchildren. How nice it would be to have your family intact at that stage of your life so you can enjoy each other in the most intimate way? No deciding where the kids go for weekends and holidays; instead, everybody is together always. Now why didn’t I think of that years ago?

My experience has led me to the conclusion that sometimes the things we tell our girlfriends about our husbands are often based on our own fears and are not always reality. There are four myths about men that we’ve all been holding onto for way too long. Let’s discuss:

Men don’t really care – about anything. Most men actually do care. They care about their wife and family very deeply. They care about making you happy, and they even care about the way they look. The reason women believe men don’t care is because we think they don’t listen. The truth is, they just listen differently than we do.

Men have no fears. When your teenager wants to go on the roller coaster you refuse to ride, you ask your husband to take her because he couldn’t possibly be afraid of a roller coaster. Some men are actually very afraid of roller coasters. Men worry about a lot of things. They worry about finances; they worry about what’s going on at work; and they feel a lot of pressure to make sure you’re happy. They actually spend more time worrying than we do because they carry a lot of responsibility on their shoulders.

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