18 Inappropriate Things To Ask On A First Date

18 Inappropriate Things To Ask On A First Date

Also known as, the questions you're dying to ask.

There's a billion things racing through your mind on a first date. What's he thinking? Is there spinach in my teeth?

Among all of the usual nerves, there's also those things (which may easily be dealbreakers) that you're wondering about him — the stuff beyond the small talk. After all, who wouldn't want to know if they're wasting their time with someone? Unfortunately, these are the questions you can't really ask someone on a first date.

From "Do you have any STIs that I could contract?" to "Are you actually looking for something serious, or will you jerk me around for a while?" our friends at The Frisky put together a list of some of those questions you're dying to know the answers to.

See the list at The Frisky: 18 Things You Wish You Could Ask On A First Date (But Can’t Because They’re Probably Inappropriate)

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