Bro-Speak 101: Caddyshack

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The language of bros.

Are you ever just hanging out with your man and his friends, and someone drops a quote? You have no idea what it means, or what movie it’s from, but the guys are rolling on the floor they’re laughing so hard.

Want to impress your man? Read on to discover just when and where to use these quotes. We’ll start with Caddyshack.

Quote: “Be the ball, Danny.”

Context: Ty Webb to Danny Noonan, while Danny tries to hit a golf ball blindfolded.

When to use it: When you’re trying to instill confidence in someone.

Quote: “It’s in the hole!”

Context: Carl Spackler, the groundskeeper, imagining himself as playing golf at the Masters.

When to use it: If someone does something well, especially in a high pressure situation.


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