Social Worker to Spiritual Teacher: Following Her Intuition


Social Worker to Spiritual Teacher: Following Her Intuition
How Elizabeth Pfeiffer went from clinical practice to teaching people to use their intuition

The statement “new age practices encourage a break from a grounded perspective of reality” is false.  One of the major concepts of New Age philosophy is to “be in the now.”  In order to be in the now one must be extremely grounded and present with every breath they take. A feat only few have mastered.

There are specific practices, books and techniques devised to help people get grounded, be present and slow down the speed in which they are living so they can enjoy the little things they take for granted. 


I would encourage reading the book “The Power of Now” written by Eckert Tolle who has dedicated his life purpose to help people to do just that.

10. People have been known to become cognitively confused because of magical thinking practices, how can you assure those who choose to work with the "intuitive realm" that this will actually help them in a measurable tangible way?

The IN-Vision® process is a brand new form of energy psychology. Once you’ve identified the blocked and “re-moved it” a bio-chemical reaction takes place in the brain. The process works with the Neural pathways in the brain that were running that particular (I’m not worthy) program.

After the IN-Vision process those neural pathways become re-patterned to create a more healthy and vibrant pathway of thought instead of one that impedes you.

The SI2HC works in a similar fashion but on a more energetic level.  Once we identify the vibration that you are trying to master we can re-pattern the energy to shift that vibration into a more empowered state. Some shifts occur immediately and some can be layered with dis-cord and trauma, which requires more future work on the part of the client.

Lastly, the best way to measure tangible results is to visit my website and click on my Client A-ha page. Don’t trust me. Read the experiences of others in their own words and decide for yourself.

It’s all about becoming self-aware and empowering yourself so you can bring forth the gifts you came here to share with the world. As you walk this path of self-discovery there will be up’s and there will be downs… it will require faith, trust and allowing to make it through til the end… and that type of perseverance is what Super-hero’s/heroine’s are made of.

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