Social Worker to Spiritual Teacher: Following Her Intuition


Social Worker to Spiritual Teacher: Following Her Intuition
How Elizabeth Pfeiffer went from clinical practice to teaching people to use their intuition

A Hero/Heroine is a person that has made the choice to break out of the old ways of being for a new more empowered way of living. They have a goal, purpose or vision for how they want to be in the world and are willing to do the work to get there. They want to learn new more empowered ways of being that will serve them on their journey as they go forth with confidence and conviction of who they really are and how they want to serve.

4. When you say that the training is an advanced energy modality what exactly does that mean?


The SI2HC training, in particular, is an Energy Modality that holds a higher consciousness and brings about an accelerated way to spiritually grow and evolve. Once you understand all the principles, in  the program, you will begin to gain greater awareness as to what lessons you have come here to learn and be able to speed up that process by shifting those vibrations into a greater state of Consciousness.

5. Describe your professional background as a Social Worker and how those skills were part of your own transition into being a coach instead of counselor.

I was a counselor for over 20 years and specialized in the areas of Mental Health and Substance abuse.  I haven’t practiced Social Work for over 20 years. Why? Because the Energy processes that I have learned over the years have helped so many people in LESS time than traditional counseling it just seemed futile to proceed.

I know, you probably don’t believe me; so let me give you an example. I had a client who came to me with severe anxiety to the point where she could barely manage her life. She saw 3 medical doctors and 2 holistic doctors who told her there was nothing wrong with her.

She saw me for 6 weeks using the IN-Vision® process (founded by Colette Baron-Reid) and by the end of our time together the anxiety decreased so dramatically it became a non-issue.

Why? We sometimes create *dis-ease in order to learn a spiritual lesson. In this case the anxiety was a wake up call to her inner power. She has the power to create illness – which meant she also had the power to dissolve it. Once, we were able to identify it, clear it and bring it back to balance the lesson was learned and there was no need for the discord anymore.

6. What is the Visionary program that you also offer and how is it different from the Immersion training?

The Visionary Program is like the happy meal of intervention.  You work with me individually and in a group in order to create a complete transformation in your life/business.

It’s about 7 months long in order to ensure that you are well on your way to understanding the principles of the SI2HC Immersion Training and the individual IN-Vision® Coaching sessions will help identify and remove the obstacles you’ve thrown in your way.

During that time you will learn NEW tools in order to maintain your own health, balance and prosperity so you don’t have to keep hiring other professionals to “fix you” over and over again.

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