Social Worker to Spiritual Teacher: Following Her Intuition


Social Worker to Spiritual Teacher: Following Her Intuition
How Elizabeth Pfeiffer went from clinical practice to teaching people to use their intuition

After Elizabeth Pfeiffer graduated with a Masters of Social Work from Temple University she embarked on a mental health career. Elizabeth specialized in substance abuse and also worked as a writer. Her A-HA moment came when she decided to switch gears professionally and become a coach for people who wanted to create a lifestyle that was more aligned with their values. Elizabeth’s transitioned began in 2000 when her family moved to Pennsylvania. Since then Elizabeth has worked as a mentor for clients who want to incorporate their right brain in decision making and life planning.

"I am spiritual teacher who is teaching people how to align with their inner intuition and use it in their daily life", says Pfeiffer.


Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is not uncommon to hear of people who are advocates for the role of intuition in all areas of life. While intuition, or the sixth sense, remains controversial in scientific and clinical circles, there are many advocates for developing it as a person’s primary sense. Elizabeth explains in the following interview how incorporating one’s higher sensory sense, may be helpful for some people.

1. What is the SI2HC Immersion Training all about?

The SI2HC program stands for Shifting Into Higher Consciousness. It is a 7 month program designed to teach you a New way of not only tapping into your Intuition, but how to identify the vibrations/lessons you came here to master. The process helps you identify those lessons and shift them at an accelerated rate of spiritual growth and evolution.

It also teaches the student how to become more self-aware of their own energy and the energies that surround them so you’re not taking on another’s energy as you own. It teaches you how to identify what is yours and what is not and how to release those energies that do not belong to you.

2. The image of a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes is very symbolic of how crisis can be a creative impetus to making substantial positive changes. Can people experience this kind of significant change without necessarily experiencing a life crisis?

The image of the Phoenix was used to represent Transformation. The old ideas that transformation needs to come at a cost, a crisis, or a trauma is an old way of being.  We have used the vibration of the Victim, drama, and trauma, as ways to ignite us into a new way of being (which are not a very comfortable experiences) but now you don’t have to wait for that crisis to occur in order to alter your life. With the mulititude of spiritual practices and programs on the planet today you can CHOOSE to make changes/transform before the crisis occurs.

3. How you define a Hero/Heroine in the context of this training program you have designed?

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