Signs That Your Ex Boyfriend Still Loves You

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Signs That Your Ex Boyfriend Still Loves You

There are definite signs that your ex boyfriend still loves you and you must look out for these if you are thinking of winning him back. Before you make moves to get him back you will have to know if he is willing to get back together, otherwise you could end up making a huge fool of yourself. The good news is that there are ways to read his body language and decipher what he says. This will make you understand exactly what is going on in his mind and what he thinks about you now.

It doesn't matter how long ago your break up was, you will still be able to tell whether your ex boyfriend still loves you or has feelings for you. Even if he doesn't like it, your ex boyfriend will be giving off lots of signals that he is still interested in you. These can either be outward physical signs, or more subconscious ones. No matter how hard he tries to hide his real feelings, they will still be obvious once you know how to look for them. It is human nature to show these things and he won't be able to stop himself.


This actually puts you in a really good position. You don't want to go straight up to him and ask him outright if he still loves you. You have too much self respect for that. This way you can read his body language and how he reacts to certain things, and when you do it will be so clear how he feels about you. If you are trying to win him back, reading these signs and acting upon them is essential. That is why you should pay close attention to the following clues.

He Stays In Touch With You

When a guy is not interested in you anymore he will just walk away. It is that simple. He will not want to hurt you anymore by staying around or lead you on when he knows that it is not going anywhere. On the other hand, whenever a guy stays in touch with you after he broke up with you, it is a very good sign. Essentially, he still values you and what you had enough to keep you around. It shows that he is not ready to give you up completely.

When your ex boyfriend does this it is a clear indication that he is not over you yet 100% and wants to keep you in his life on some level. Even if he doesn't want you back right now and is confused about his feelings, it still shows that he is keeping the possibility of a reconciliation open in the future. Think about this, if he cut all ties with you now it would be almost impossible for him to get you back again in the future and he knows this.

He Calls You Regularly

Okay, so we have established that when he keeps in touch with you after the break up, it is a sure sign that he still loves you. What if he has disappeared for a while and then suddenly gets back in touch though? When your ex boyfriend suddenly calls you up out of the blue after a long time, he has some kind of ulterior motive. It probably took a lot of guts for him to be able to call you, so it means that getting in touch with you again was very important to him.

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