Online Dating Profile Buzzwords: Words You Need To Use & Lose


Online Dating Profile Buzzwords: Words You Should Use/Lose
Find out what lingo your potential partners are (& aren't) looking for in your online dating profile

3. Respect. "Using the words, 'I respect when a man does what he needs to fulfill his life', shows that he will be respected and at the same time feel free to enjoy himself, Colada says. "Men don't want a woman who's going to be their ball and chain."

4. Outgoing. We know, it made the guys' list too, but here's the thing: men and women both want to see a person that's not afraid to go out and get what they want from life. That kind of go-getter attitude transfers over to relationships — and that's a huge turn-on!


Don't take our word for it -- try these buzzwords on your own dating profile, today. Get started on and search for singles in your area.

Here's what you should stay away from saying, ladies:

1. "I'm Searching For My Soulmate." Sorry, but Spira says that a phrase like this is just an overused cliché. She says, "Great relationships don't always include the word 'soul-mate' in them" and she's totally right. "It sounds like you're dreaming about someone that’s too good to be true."

2. "Must Have Chemistry And A Connection." Okay, who doesn't want that hot and instant chemistry with someone? Spira says that though it might be great for the bedroom, getting under the sheets on the first date might send the wrong message — you're only into sex.

3. "Looking For A Financially Secure Man." It's basically like saying, "Hey! I need someone to support me."

4. "I've Got Beauty And Brains." Yes, Spira admits, it's true that men want smart, beautiful, confident women. However, advertising that you're beautiful really just says that you're insecure. Guys are visual. Either they'll like your photos and decide to write to you, or they won't think you're their type.

Give these buzzwords a whirl when you search for singles and set up an online profile on, today.

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