Why Do You Want A Relationship?


Why Do You Want A Relationship?
After a laser coaching session with Sandra Fidelis it comes down to ROI
  • Meeting 2x per month for 60 minutes each session
  • Bundle of 5 Guided Meditations
  • Email support between sessions
  • Facebook Group
  • $650/mo or Full-Pay of $1,900

When it comes to ROI, consider what $1900 invested in a fund that yields an ROI of 13% annually would generate for me over a five year period? But love is priceless and some things are worth investing in to yield you that kind of love. However, as a business mind I choose to forego working with Fidelis, and decided to hire Anni Powers of The Real Matchmaker instead while enrolling in Debi Berndt's Engaged in A Year program to reset my love map so I'd only be attracted to men who knew the kind of prize I was. Berndt helped me switch my love picker from choosing to fall for Pontiacs and instead only notice the Mercedes. My point is, the metaphor of the Pontiac vs. Mercedes refers to how much quality love that man is able and willing to give. Like attracts like. No way am I going to be even drawn to someone now who gives sub-par love compared to the kind of love I am capable of. 

Fidelis did say to me that I was very analytical. I am. However, whenever I have chosen to work for someone or hired a professional to be my coach, therapist, chiropractor, editor, there is no analysis. Every single time it's been an instant gut reaction and I've been right every time. The only time I look back and say it was a bad choice was when I selected someone whom I had to ponder about. When I went to Fidelis website I can't see any credentials of where and whom she trained with. She also said she had been doing this type of coaching for two years and while she was in a relationship, Fidelis is not married.


My gut instinct told me to choose someone who was happily married for some time and in the kind of partnership I wanted for myself so Debi Berndt was the top choice. After having been burned by Kathryn Alice, whom I found slightly Pollyanna like, I know have a better radar. Personally, I wanted someone who could see past my defenseness and was strong enough to call me out no matter what. Besides, it's a bit of a red flag when the potential coach you are speaking with says, "Oh, I like that about energy being freed up to reinvest into a relationship. I'm going to use that." As someone who began their career in public relations, it rubbed me the wrong way, and had me wondering how original Fidelis' ideas were. If you have to borrow your best material from a prospective client then that really has been in trepidation.

Just before I began working with Debi Berndt I spoke with Erykah Lumiere, a California intuitive who did a soul contract breaking ceremony. This was a symbolic excercise in cutting cords and breaking old soul contracts with anyone who was a romantic lover or love interest in the past. Our intention was to clear the decks and have an open clear space to receive a true love. I broke free of the past and ran to my future shortly thereafter thanks to Erykah's soul mate ceremony.

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