Why Do You Want A Relationship?


Why Do You Want A Relationship?
After a laser coaching session with Sandra Fidelis it comes down to ROI

The question was: how would you life be different if your true love were with you right now? My answer was simple, the energy spent on seeking love (online dating, matchmaker, mixers, shopping, etc) would be freed up to be invested into loving that person and building a life together. Sandra Fidelis asked me alot more questions to help me envision what it would be like with my one and my answers were repetitive.

Quite simply there would be a sense of inner peace because the quest would be done. Relationships are work but certain kinds of lessons and growing can only happen with a significant other. One thing is really clear for me: I'm willing to do whatever it takes to not be in my own way when it comes to love. No more lonely nights!


Everything up until this point, the growing, healing, learning, clearing the past, visioning, etc has been worth it. Between dating more people and creating what Matthew Hussey calls "A High Value Life" and cultivating authentic confidence, I know what I have to offer that special man. Not from a narcissistic standpoint but from knowing who I am and what I have to give. And for the record, it's not giving to get but simply giving as a form of love in action. Love is a verb after all.

All the preparation work to be ready and fully available to another person is about attracting a mirror just as clear as I am. In the past I attracted emotionally unavailable men because I too was unavailable.

While I might have been romantic I still had a wall around my heart. These past few months have been about removing that wall brick by brick just like the Berlin Wall. Once it came down Germany was whole again. And for me, the release of my heart wall, has been an experience of returning to a sense of wholeness that was always available.

As an example of the investment I was willing to make to be ready to receive my true love, here is a breakdown of what love coaching would cost with Sandra Fidelis:

3 Month Fast-Track Package

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