How to Celebrate a Fourth of July Themed Wedding in Style


How to Celebrate a Fourth of July Themed Wedding in Style
Advice on how to incorporate some red, white and blue into your wedding.

By April Littleton for

The Fourth of July is a very special day for most Americans. This holiday gives people the chance to express their patriotic side in fun, creative ways. Many couples see Independence day as the perfect opportunity to exchange “I dos” and share their love for each other and their country. Couples who dream of nothing more than to live the “American Dream” love the idea of knowing that while their celebrating their love, the whole country is celebrating right along with them on this day. Here’s Cupid’s guide to having a spectacular Fourth of July themed wedding:


Location: The first thing you should think about is where you want your wedding to take place. More than likely, it will take place outside. Maybe even think about holding the ceremony at a carnival (funnel cakes, anyone?) Whatever location you decide on, make sure it has plenty of open space – that way all of your guests will be able to see and hear fireworks going off.

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The attire: You can’t have a Fourth of July themed wedding without the proper color scheme. Consider having your bridesmaids and groomsmen wear red or blue – you can even let them dabble with both colors. Maybe the ladies can wear red dresses with white flowers, or blue dresses with red accessories to match – like headbands accompanied with studded stars, while the fellas wear navy blue suits with red bow ties.

Centerpieces and decorations: Keep the American flag in mind as you think of decorations for your wedding. Use the pattern for your linens and chair covers. For your centerpieces, you can fill picnic baskets with flowers or you can choose to fill glass bowls with an assortment of red, white and blue candies. The creative possibilities are endless as long as you stay true to the theme of the American holiday.

The food: What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July on your wedding day than with food that fits the theme? Think about serving barbecue during your special day. Include foods such as hamburgers, ribs and corn on the cob. Get creative with your refreshments. Serve coca cola in vintage glass bottles or set up a lemonade stand. Red, white and blue decorated cookies or a popcorn bar would also give your wedding more American flair.