Christian Grey Casting: When Will The Actor Be Announced?

Christian Grey Casting: When Will The Actor Be Announced?

Could we be less than a month away from knowing who is really playing Christian in 'Fifty Shades'?

It's been a big news week for Fifty Shades fans. Sam Taylor-Johnson was recently named director of the film adaptation of the book, and we know the movie will be released on August 1, 2014.

Well, a reveal of the cast is rumored to be sooner than expected! We hope this scoop is true, if only to end the constant speculation. Then again, no matter who is cast, we'll have to debate their merits and argue over who should've been cast.

So, once again for the record, where do you stand on who should play Christian and Ana? Ian Somerhalder? Henry Cavill? Alexis Bledel? Emilia Clarke?

For when the big reveal will happen, check out Wetpaint: Fifty Shades Of Grey Cast To Be Named

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