Overhaul Online Dating Blunders With A Profile Wingman


Overhaul Online Dating Blunders With A Profile Wingman
You've heard of a Wingman or Wingwoman in bars but now there is a one for online success

Nanci Kavich is the writing wingwoman - literally! As a professional online profile writer, she revamps your digital personality so it's authentically communicating the real you to prospective matches. Not only does her company Profile Wingman boost your digital dating presence but they can also be your match concierge and help find quality dates by navigating the digital dating sea for you. Nanci explained how her niche service works and how it came into existence.

1. There are alot of dating coaches and other types of services out there. What makes yours different?


Our approach is honestly. We assign each client their own personal wingman and customize their solutions depending on their goals. We have one on one service with Skype interviews - we really want to get to know you so the voice of your profile is your own.

2. How come a profile makeover can substantially change the results a person is getting? Other than better pictures, what is it about the content that is a game changer in online dating?

One of the things we talk about best practices, and we include in a profile is a call to action. For the reader to imagine themselves with our client. We are helping to take them from being 2 dimensional to 3 dimensional. We know how to walk the fine line of presenting the best you without turning people off by being braggedotious.

3. Do you have any standout success stories that you would like to share on how your service has made a major positive difference for frustrated daters?

We have several success stories but our favorite is Scott in Omaha. We helped him with his profile essay, photo selection and advised him on his emails and even what to wear and where to go on his dates. He trusted us completely and as a result, he just celebrated a 6 month anniversary with a beautiful dancer.

4. What are the top reasons for people to have frustration on online dating? Is it the site they pick? Lack of time? Or just not enough information on their profile?

The ability to articulate themselves. We feel looking for a job and writing a resume is easier than looking for a mate and writing a dating profile. Resumes have templates that are easy to follow. Dating profiles, not so much. In a resume you list your skills, accept a job and enter into a contract.. In the dating world, you're saying to someone "let's spend the rest of our lives together". We know that's a harder sell.

5. Is it common for people to be on an online dating site or various sites for a long time and still be single? I've heard of certain users who are experts on online dating because they've been doing it for years. How common is this? Isn't the point of online dating to not need it in a year since you found someone?

I think this very common because of the dishonesty in people's profiles. They talk, go on a date, and discover this is not the same person they met online. Back to square one. That's why we insist on honesty in our profiles. In this case you are presenting yourself completely and attracting the person who is accepting of that, therefore reducing your time spent online.

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