Ryan Gosling Vs. Puppies: Who's More Irresistible?

Love: Ryan Gosling Vs. Puppies


Puppies are cuddly. So is Ryan Gosling.

Hey girl. We know you love Ryan Gosling.

And everyone loves puppies.

But who's more adorable? Which face is harder to say no to? Who's more lovable? We're leaving that up to you!

Who looks better in a tie? That may be, well, a tie.
Hey Girl Ryan Gosling
puppies collars

Who looks cuter working out?

Hey Girl Ryan Gosling Ellen bikepuppies treadmill

Hmmm, fine. Who looks better in glasses then?

hey girl ryan gosling glasses

puppy pink glasses

This is tough. Who looks better soaking wet?

husky puppy in water

hey girl ryan gosling wet

Bed time!

ryan gosling ryan gosling

Hey Ryan, how about we just agree we're both mind-meltingly cute? Love, puppies.


ryan gosling



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