21 Signs You're Completely Obsessed With 'The Bachelor'

21 Signs You're Completely Obsessed With 'The Bachelor'

21 Signs You're Completely Obsessed With 'The Bachelor'

TV Love: 21 Signs You're Obsessed With 'The Bachelor'
Our TV addiction returns tonight!

You're in a serious relationship with The Bachelor, and there's nothing wrong with that!

We all love our reality television and look forward to our weekly 'dates' with Chris Harrison. But if you've been there since Alex Michael, know Bob Guiney's birthday, and consider Tenley Molzahn a friend, it might be something more for you.

If that's the case, we're not here to judge. No way. You're part of a really cool group of people called 'Bachelor Nation.' Because let's face it: If loving The Bachelor franchise is wrong, we don't want to be right.

So here are a few tell-tale signs that when it comes to The Bachelor(ette), you're more than just a casual fan: 

Monday nights are reserved for one thing, and one thing only:



If someone dares to speak while you're watching The Bachelorette tonight:



You're convinced you wouldn't still be single if you had Chris Harrison to give you relationship advice:

Chris Advice


You're sick of your mom telling you the show is fake:

eye roll


You couldn't believe your ears when you heard that Bachelor Pad had been cancelled:



When one of your tweets scrolled on screen during the show, it was—by far—the greatest moment of your life:



The biggest fight you've ever had with your roommate was when she deleted the new episode from your DVR before you got to watch it:

hell no


You're all about a memorable entrance, but when a guy gets out of the limo in a suit of armor or without a shirt on? Just no:



You're dying to know what ABC puts in the mansion water, because there sure is a lot of 'I love you' getting said too soon:



You get excited every time Chris Harrison describes next week's episode as the "most dramatic episode in Bachelor history":



Only to get duped by the rose master once again:



You put your kid to bed early on Monday nights so you can watch the show in peace:

snow white


While the rest of the world hates Monday, it's your favorite day of the week:

hills are alive


You get your office Bachelorette bracket right every week:

boo boo dance


But between August and January, you have nothing to live for on Monday nights.

elle woods


You are no longer looking for Prince Charming. Now, you're looking for Arie:



The first thing you do at the beginning of every season is follow all the cast members on Twitter so you can be 'real' friends:



In your group of friends, saying someone is "pulling a Tierra" is the worst insult you could ever give:



You've seen so many dudes cry that if one gets slightly emotional in real life, you're done:



If a guy takes you on a date that doesn't involve a helicopter or repelling down a building:



But no matter how into the show you are, at least once every rose ceremony, you still think:



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