What happened to the Married Cheater

You are stupid, if you think that's gonna happen! This is what happened," he said. "I slipped up! I messed up and even when she said that she forgave me, somewhere in the back of my head, I knew she would get back at me by being with someone else one day and that's just what happened. It just took a couple of years before she did it. I get that! I accepted that! I would have done the same thing as pay back. That's why when she told me, she was seeing someone else, I figured this was her getting back at me. I didn't think she was going to fall in love with him! I didn't fall in love with the other women. It was JUST SEX! But she fell in love and that's when I knew it was over! I begged her to stay and try to work it out and she didn't want to, so fuck it! I was DONE!"

After the conversation and replaying it in my head, I have come to a couple of conclusions about 'The Married Cheater."


I am still not sure where his whole philosophy on "98% of men cheat" came from. I thought maybe he had some hatred for his mother, his father was a pimp, etc. This is not the case, as I did ask those questions and from the answers he loved and respected his mother and his father was not a pimp.

I truly believe that his excuses, using animals, the kings in the Bible, etc are all excuses for his shortcomings in his marriage. He admitted that he became too comfortable in the marriage and didn't do the things that he used to. When she talked, he didn't listen. When she wanted to do things as simple as playing cards, he was too tired. He provided for the family but just became lax in his dealings with his wife outside of the bedroom.

I truly believe that karma is a MF and something that you don't want to play with. All that "talking" that he did in the first interview was just a lot of bullshit because I could hear it in his voice that he is still very hurt by the situation.

At the moment, they are separated and still sharing a house, although she isn't home very often. He is looking for a place to move in the near future. They have an "understanding." She is still with this other man and he sees other women. Since he is "not a dog like that," he is only having sex with one woman and she knows what the situation is and understands that he is not ready to be in a relationship, given that he is not completely out of the one that he is still in. He swears that he will never marry again and it will be "a long time" before he even considers having a girlfriend. He still stands by his truth that ALL men cheat and to that I have to say that in his world...they do!!

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