Exclusive: Interview with a Married Cheater


Exclusive:  Interview with a Married Cheater
A married man tells why he cheats

I am not trying to leave my marriage behind it because I know it was just sex.

The Sexy Single Mommy: So, if the day comes that your wife finds out about all this, then what?


The Married Cheater: Then she just finds out. What can I do?

The Sexy Single Mommy: Do you think that men are not capable of being faithful?

The Married Cheater: I can't speak for every man but I can tell you that 98% of men will cheat.

The Sexy Single Mommy: What message would give women?

The Married Cheater: Just because a man cheats on you doesn't mean that he doesn't love you. It's a physical thing for us. It's not a mental attraction. It doesn't change the way that he feels about you. We can have sex and it's just that...sex! We are not emotional like women are. It's just a man's nature. Plus, women do the same thing. It's just not only men cheating. Women cheat, too! Put it like this, you wouldn't want to eat chicken every day of your life, would you?

The Sexy Single Mommy: No

The Married Cheater: There it is. We don't want to have sex with the same person every day of our lives either.

The Sexy Single Mommy: Well, there it is. Thank you for taking the time to give women some insight on cheating from a man's point of view.

The Married Cheater: Your welcome. Anytime.

Do you agree with what he said? Do women cheat just as much as men? Are men capable of being faithful?

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