4 Couples Put Sexy Products To The Test—Read Their Reviews!

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Couples Put Sexy Products To The Test
Did these sex enhancers prove to be secret sparks or did they leave something to be desired?

Couple 3: Joe* and his significant other, Cindy* (names changed to protect their privacy)  
They tested: Massage & Play, a 2-in-1 massage gel and sex lubricant and Play Utopia Gel, a female arousal gel.

The verdict: Joe was most satisfied with Massage & Play, and said it "helped increase the sensuality of foreplay." Cindy’s favorite was the Play Utopia Gel, which she told Joe, "worked immediately" and that she "could feel the tingly sensation greatly." Both agreed, that the experience changed their opinion on using sex products and toys. "It helped open up the idea of deeper sexploration with my partner and allowed deeper conversation in the bedroom about what we like and don’t like," says Joe.

Couple 4: Ada and her significant other, Bob* (names changed to protect their privacy)
They tested: The Allure Intimate Massager, a multi-speed massager with a discreet design, and Durex Play Ring of Bliss, a vibrating ring with dual pleasure for him and her.

The verdict: Ada’s favorite was the Allure Intimate Massager, while Bob’s was the Play Ring of Bliss. "It really spiced things up!" said Ada about the Allure. "The levels of vibration were perfect," according to Ada, and when using the Ring of Bliss, Bob was able to "enjoy foreplay longer," says Ada. "Which means of course I enjoyed this product, too."

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