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Don't Hit Send! 5 Alternatives To Emailing Your Ex


Step away from the Gmail!
Step away from the computer!
From writing a letter to doing something he hated, here are some ways to avoid World War III.

Breakups are never easy and the damage post break up can be nuclear.

It is natural to feel upset, betrayed, sad, and downright pissed. Writing an email explaining how you think things went wrong can turn can trigger some harsh words on your end and result in permanent radio silence on his.

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Here are some ways to avoid World War III with your ex.

1. Writing a letter. Sending an email is easy and instant. If you manually write a letter how are you going to get it to your ex? Mailing it? You're not going to put on sweatpants and walk six blocks to make a point.

2. Doing something he hated. Because doing something "wrong" such as going to the movies and watching back-to-back chick flicks can feel so right — especially when the person you wanted to go with wasn't interested unless aliens or zombies are involved.

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