The 5 Sexiest Albums To Download, Tonight


Sex & Music: The 5 Sexiest Albums To Download Tonight
Here's the perfect music to put you in the mood!

Madonna, Erotica
We've already said that albums don't have to scream "sex" to be sexy. But let's be honest — this one does. Often called one of the greatest records of all time, Madonna's "Erotica" helped get her banned from the Vatican. Keeping that in mind, heed this warning: this may be appropriate for getting your loved one in the mood rather than sustaining it during the action; "Rain," which has been referred to as an extended metaphor for ejaculation, might be a bit awkward to hear while trying to get the job done.

Drive: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Ryan Gosling isn't the only thing sexy about the movie Drive. It's soundtrack, which features a mix of new-age, retro-synth tracks from artists like Kavinsky (seriously, play "Night Call" when you and your S.O. are having a night call of your own) along with several original score pieces from the film's composer, Cliff Martinez. That score was written with action in mind, and can easily be transferred to the action about to happen between the sheets.

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