What He Really Thinks About Your B.O. & Hairy Legs During Sex


What You're Thinking Vs. What He's Thinking During Sex
Real men weigh in on our biggest sex insecurities.

Your worry: Are my bra and underwear sexy enough?
He’s thinking: "Ultimately, they will be on my floor. This isn't a fashion show. It's sexy time! I don't care what they look like, I just want to see your birthday suit." - Patrick, 30

Your worry: Do I have B.O.?
He’s thinking: "Body odor happens. It's a result of hard work. I don't mind it." - Timmy, 24


Your worry: Are my Spanx a turn off?
He’s thinking:  "We don't mind what Spanx do, but if you could remove it discreetly, we'd appreciate it." - Steven, 25

"As long as you don't look like Shamu when it comes off, that's fine with me!" - Patrick, 30

Your worry: Is my vagina too hairy?
He’s thinking: "It's not required, but I like my girl to try and keep it trimmed a bit. I always try on my end!  - Timmy, 24

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