10 Dogs Who Are Looking For Love On The Beach (In GIFs!)

10 Dogs Who Found Love On The Beach (In GIFs!)

Watch these ten pups play and find love at the seashore.

Ocean breezes, warm sand, rolling waves ... There's no better place for summer lovin' (or summer flings) than the beach.


Watch these 10 flirty pooches make a splash.



1. Don't I know you from somewhere?

2. Time to impress some beach babes!

3. Come here often?

4. "Is this love, is this love, that I'm feeling?"

5. Lemme help you with that.

6. I told you I'd knock you off your feet!

7. Ladies love a hunky lifeguard.

8. Let's take the plunge!

9. Promise me you'll never let go.

10. Actually, I prefer long runs on the beach.

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