Why Being Submissive In A Relationship Can Actually Empower You


Why Being Submissive In A Relationship Can Actually Empower You
Who says domination and submission are taboo? Being sexually daring can boost your love life!

There is a stigma that being submissive is not empowering both from a health and a sexual perspective. This is actually not true. Being at the mercy of a partner can be very empowering, as it gives the space for both male and female to move into their own sexual fantasy

Giving the reins to your partner to truly seduce you can do transformative things for your sex life. You can connect at a much deeper level, as you're both entrusting your boundaries to one another. In addition, for a couple to experiment with domination and submission, they would have to have a conversation about their fanatasies, which allows for intimacy to blossom.


Sharing your sexual space and experience with your partner will allow for both of you to open up and share something so intimate that it will allow for your connection to deepen. As the connection deepens, so will the trust between you—which is why it does not matter who is dominating and who is submissive.

If you are both creating the space to explore taking your sexual experience to the next level, you are empowering your relationship.

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