How To Pick Someone Up At A Summer Music Festival


music festival
Looking for a summer fling? Here are 6 ways to get your flirt on at your next music fest.

Own It
Festivals are the place to be THAT person. Who is THAT person? Well, the one who lets their freak flag get even freakier and fly even higher than usual. Have you ever heard the stories that come out of a weekend at Burning Man? There's no better way than being you times 100 for all to see when it comes to scoring with the gentlemen-folk. If you're the girl all the guys have been gawking at for 30 minutes dancing in her own world, and you approach some lucky fella, do you really think he's going to walk away? No. He's going to wipe the drool from his mouth, and follow you around like a puppy. Which will make sense, of course, as you're likely to be adorned head to toe in faux fur. 


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