7 Nostalgic Hookup Games You Need To Play Again


7 Nostalgic Hookup Games
Spin the bottle, suck and blow and more fun games from your past.

3. Seven Minutes in Heaven
In the early days of this game, there was so much stress about who you were entering the closet with that by the time you actually got in there, calmed down, and got over the fact you ended up in there with someone you aren't thrilled about (or worse, your top choice!), you barely had time for a boob grab before your friends were busting down the door. These days … there's walk-ins! Enough said.

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4. Suck and Blow
Remember Clueless? Then you have to remember when Elton purposely didn't suck the playing card, resulting in it dropping from his lips just in time to plant one on Cher's. The point of the game is to actually inhale so said card stays pinned to your mouth while you pass it around the circle. Unless you're sneaky little sailor like Elton. "God Elton, can't you suck?!"

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5. Hide and Go Get Some
You have to appreciate the play on words here, not to mention, taking a timeless childhood tradition and just dirtying it the hell up. So, while the fundamental rules remain in tact (one hides, the other seeks), it changes drastically once you're found. The seeker has to come into your hiding place (almost like sardines… remember that one?), and proceed to get it on with you. Wherever that is — behind a tree, in a hopefully spacious cabinet, you get it. Now, this one may be better when you're older, minus the size factor.

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6. Hot Sauce
While I can't say I've played this one, pretty sure I would've owned it given my affinity for hot sauce. But enough about me, here's the rundown: round-up four people, and pair two couples against each other. Both couples dribble a hot sauce of their choosing on their tongues (if you're really ballsy, go with Sriracha) and see who can makeout without dying the longest. It's all very erotic.

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