Pillow Talk: Why Post-Sex Chats Boost Intimacy


Pillow Talk: Why Post-Sex Chats Boost Relationship Intimacy
The brain chemicals released after sex work to bring long-term couples closer together.

What to say:

  • "God, I love the way you kissed my neck/did that thing with your tongue/used your hands like that."
  • "You're really good at this."
  • "Your face is so adorable."
  • "I like the way you smell/feel/look/sound."
  • Any compliment that starts with his name
  • "You know what I wish?"
  • "Let's go on vacation/go to dinner/start a project together."

If ever there was a time to bond with your mate, the sweet spot after sex is it. The chemicals released by the body will bring a unique vulnerability to both of you. It's best to keep it positive—you're both naked in many ways. If you're feeling safe, it can also be a time to bring up sensitive subjects—but only because you're both feeling open and trusting. If you sense he's not ready, don't push it—remember, it's all about keeping the mood intimate and comfortable.

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