How to get my ex back


Me and my ex recently broke up and I want to get back together

Me and my ex boyfriend had been together for 8 months until he broke up with me last week. He said that he needed to get his personal life together. He said that he wasn't happy with himself so to be happy in a relationship he has to be happy with himself first. Things as far as not being in college right now and other personal things are bothering him. I feel like if he's not happy that all he needs is some motivation. As his girlfriend I am always there to motivate him. He also feels like I'm not wanting to be In college anymore because he isn't. Which was part of the reason but now I'm getting myself back together. I know for a fact that this guy loves me, but exactly how much? He's been ignoring me lately and that hurts even more. But I was told by many people that if I just stop chasing him and ignore him that he would come back to me, I haven't tried to prove my love to him by getting his initials tatted, he smiled when he saw it but he was also mad because I'm not suppose to get tattoos (told by my doctor) but hey love will make you do some crazy things. He's my first boyfriend and I want him to be my last, and my one and only husband. This is also the guy who I lost my virginity to so that makes me even more in love with him. I believe that if I just give him the space that he wants and give him the time to get himself together that he would come back to. We promised that we would not talk to or date anyone else. I just pray it doesn't take a long time for him to get it together and that when he does he would want to get back together because I truly do love him unconditionally. It's hard to ignore him but I'll try to he'll come back. Because I heard that chasing a guy will push them away even further but ignoring them will let him know what he is missing. Someone help me please.


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