Top 6 Lessons On Balancing Love & Career From John Gray


Lessons On Balancing Love & Career
"Research shows that when women do nurturing activities, that lowers their stress level."
The "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus" author on having it all, inspiring romance, and more.

4. On getting a guy to be more romantic: "Let me give you a glimpse of what women inspiring romance looks like: My anniversary recently came up. So two weeks before, I said, 'Honey, our anniversary's coming up; let's talk about what you would like to do.' And she talked about various things that she would like to do. I listened, and I said, 'Well I'd like to do that.' And I picked one of those things; and then planned it and did it. So I didn't have to be a mind reader. And she didn't have to decide, but she gave me some things she'd like to do. The man needs something to motivate him, which is her letting him know what she would like."

5. On how men should appreciate women: "Men feel appreciated when you acknowledge the result of what they've done. Women feel appreciated when you acknowledge the result of what they've done, plus you have an understanding of the journey that they went through to achieve that goal. Practically speaking, in the workplace or at home, that means for men to shift their approach to ask more questions about the journey rather than just acknowledging the outcome."

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6. On the art of listening: "Women often feel that men are not listening, and it's a blind spot, because men think they do. But men have to realize that there's so much more women have to say if you ask more questions. They're waiting for men to ask. Often he hears the first thing out of her mouth, and he thinks he got her point—because often men will make their point first, while women build up to a point, and then have another point and another to conclude. And men don't realize there's a lot more in there, so they tend to interrupt women a lot."

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