Farrah Abraham's Life After Sex Video: Charlie Sheen Hookups?

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Our little attention hungry Farrah isn't the only one craving the spotlight this week.

In good faith, we want to believe that Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is trying to move on from her sex video. Rumor has it that she just enrolled in Pace's business school and has ambitions to open her first restaurant at the beginning of next year. (TheBlemish)

But when moving on also consists of texting Charlie Sheen about "playdates" and "pornstar ppl," it seems more likely she's trying to firm up her sex video stats. (Celebuzz)

How will she balance it all and still be a role model to her daughter? Perhaps a topless bar that serves wings ... we could call it Tooters.

But our favorite little attention hungry Farrah isn't the only one craving the spotlight. Check out this week's celeb round up:

Selena Gomez willing to go topless to prove she's not a kid star? (Wetpaint)

Ethan Embry admits to being "the world's biggest stoner." (Wetpaint)

Rihanna snaps sexy shots during her tour! (Celebuzz)

Leanna Rimes misfires with "Spitfire." (Celebuzz)

Kate Upton's hot white bikini: (SocialiteLife)

Paris Hilton wants you to know the REAL Paris (ETonline)

Oops! Cara Delevingne nipple slip: (Crushable)

Cat fight—Amanda Bynes calls Miley Cyrus ugly this time? (HaveUHeard)

Robert Downey, Jr. makes kids cry: (TheBlemish)

Hold up! Jennifer Aniston cancelled her wedding? (AllieisWired)

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